The Boy with Pink Hair

The Boy With Pink Hair - Perez Hilton, Jenn Hill

This book is about diversity. The students are to treat others fairly no matter what they look like or what their interest are. The purpose of my activity would be to find out unique things about the students classmates. I would give each student a piece of paper that has a clock on it, they are to find a person for the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 slot. The teacher will require the students to place a boy at 12:00 and 6:00. The purpose of the males at this moment is that the story is about a boy who has pink hair and is not very accepted by his peers because he possess more feminine traits. The boys in the classroom may or may not be like the boy in the story. When the teacher says the time intended the students will meet with that person and write down 2 unique facts about them. I think by reading this book, the students will be able to see that people are different and do posses different traits than what society deems them as appropriate. I think 3rd grade and up would be good to hear this story. The ATOS level is 3.7